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    Jul 9, 2019
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    IGN CertifiedLTaker

    Discord Name seth#0785

    Age (14+) 16

    Timezone United States Mountain Daylight

    Do you have the ability to record? Yes, I have OBS and replay mod that I always have running/recording when I play and I know how to use them.

    Have you ever been punished/banned on any server? If so, please include the details. I have been banned 4+ years ago on CosmicPvP because my friend was using an auto clicker beside me for blazes and I was falsely banned by the anti-cheat for it.

    Do you have any previous moderation/leadership roles on any other servers? (provide proof if possible) I was Co-owner on GlaxiaPvP and I current am Co-Owner on that server that is currently in redevelopment. (https://imgur.com/Qy0ec37)

    Do you know how to screenshare? Yes, I am aware of how to screen share through discord.

    Estimate the amount of time per week you would be able to dedicate to the server. Now until August 8th, I am able to be on 25+ hours a week. But after August 8th I start school I would only be able to be on 7-15 hours a week.

    What is your main reason/Why do you want to be staff on FactionsLab? I would like to be staff on Factionslab because I have played on the server for 2 seasons now and I absolutely love the server, yes there are some bugs that could be fixed however the factions community on the server is probably my favorite. It has the perfect balance of toxicity and helpfulness, and I would love to take part in making the community the way that it is.


    Say you are moderating and answering questions by many players. You are getting messaged by three people asking you all different questions, while this is happening you are also being messaged in discord by two people telling you to get a moderator to ban a hacker. What do you do? I would evaluate all the situations from most urgent to least urgent and take care of the most urgent issues first ie. the hacker and politely ask the others to wait because I am busy right now but I will get to their questions as soon as I am able to.

    Say that two factions are fighting in public chat/discord and after repeated warnings and mutes they won’t stop, what would be your next action to resolve this issue? I would either 1. temporarily ban the main instigators in the argument for an hour or so to let the argument settle down, 2. Disable chat for a period of time, or 3. Ask a higher-up staff what we should do next to resolve the issue.

    Final Remarks

    Have you applied for staff before on FactionsLab Yes, I have applied for staff on FactionsLab. I made it to the interview phase but decided that I needed to focus on school and work, but now I have found a way to balance the two and still have time to be staff on the server.

    Anything else you would like us to know about you? I do partially online school so Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I am home all day, and Tuesday and Thursday I have to go into the building. Because of this, I have more time that I can be on the server during those 3 days when most staff will not be able to be on do to school and work.

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