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    General Questions

    IGN: ezclappoggers

    Discord Name: Epip God

    Age (14+): 16

    Timezone: EST

    Do you have the ability to record?: Yes

    Have you ever been punished/banned on any server? If so, please include the details.
    Not really, I've only been banned for other people charging back on me

    Do you have any previous moderation/leadership roles on any other servers? (provide proof if possible)
    Not really, but I do know most of the general stuff.
    Do you know how to screenshare?
    Some What
    Estimate the amount of time per week you would be able to dedicate to the server.
    74 hours a week! All day everyday
    What is your main reason/Why do you want to be staff on FactionsLab?
    I can help the server by being active and available most of the day and I also know the rules of what is allowed and what isn't, I want to help the server by getting rid of cheaters and toxic players. I've also played factions for 5 years and I know all the basic/advanced stuff to help a new player out.


    Say you are moderating and answering questions by many players. You are getting messaged by three people asking you all different questions, while this is happening you are also being messaged in discord by two people telling you to get a moderator to ban a hacker. What do you do?
    I would check if a mod is online first because obviously getting rid of a hacker is more important(Unless I'm being messaged more important stuff) Then I'll go help the other players. If no mod is online I will record the hacker and temp ban him if I get the perms as a helper, then I'll make a report for a staff with perm ban to ban the hacker
    Say that two factions are fighting in public chat/discord and after repeated warnings and mutes they won’t stop, what would be your next action to resolve this issue?
    If muting didn't solve the problem, I'd disable chat and make a final warning, if they don't listen, I'd start banning the people who spams the most and talk with the owner of the factions to make sure this doesn't happen again

    Final Remarks

    Have you applied for staff before on FactionsLab
    No Sir
    Anything else you would like us to know about you?

    Dedicated minemen who wants to help the server! Can play 24/7 and knows a ton of stuff :)

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