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    FactionsLab Presents

    Fringe Map VIII

    November 9th, 3PM EST.
    (7PM GMT)

    Factions Top

    There will be a total of $1,350 in prizes over a 10 day period.
    The map will last for 5 days grace period and 5 days TNT period.

    First Place - $350 PayPal + $270 Buycraft
    Second Place - $100 PayPal + $150 Buycraft
    Third Place - $50 PayPal + $100 Buycraft
    Fourth Place - $100 Buycraft
    Fith Place - $75 Buycraft
    Sixth Place - $50 Buycraft
    Seventh Place - $40 Buycraft
    Eight Place - $30 Buycraft
    Ninth Place - $20 Buycraft
    Tenth Place - $15 Buycraft

    Herbalism Top

    First Place - $30 Buycraft
    Second Place - $15 Buycraft
    Third Place - $5 Buycraft

    New Builds




    General Information

    There will be a total of 3 worlds all with stained clay blocks.
    (All the maps will be flat)

    Neptune - 5000 x 5000
    Moon - 5000 x 5000
    Overworld - 5000 x 5000

    30 Man Factions
    4 Second Cannons
    20 Chunk Buffer Limits
    8 Hour Shield
    1 Ally
    Cactus Economy
    Anti-Patches Not Allowed
    24 Box Wall Limit


    Tools GKit
    A new has been created on this map. This kit's purpose is to help progress gameplay at the start of the map. It includes trench pickaxes, chunkbusters, and more!

    Sell Wands

    New sell wands have been added for item collectors. These wands sell the loot in the collectors for DOUBLE the price.

    Lightning Wands
    To make blowing up spawners while raiding easier we have added lightning wands with knockback.

    Lab+ Rank
    This season we added a new top tier rank containing Protection VI and Sharpness VI armour and tools!

    Additional Changes

    - Rule #3A updated to require collection systems for all spawners to be qualified for FTop
    - Rule #12A Updated the minimum base size from 25 blocks to 1 chunk by 1 chunk
    - Rule #9B The rule is more specific
    - Rule #1C 4 second speed limit
    - Rule #3C Left Shooting / Right Shooting Disabled
    - Rule #12C Levers are allowed on cannons.
    - Minor bug fixes ingame
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