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    Aug 11, 2019
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    Discord Name

    Age (14+) 17

    Timezone: Central

    Do you have the ability to record? Yes I have action

    Have you ever been punished/banned on any server? If so, please include the details.: I was blacklisted on faithfulmc/hcf because I had resigned from staff and I was a very high end staff member so the owner (KillaMC) did not appreciate my decision.

    Do you have any previous moderation/leadership roles on any other servers? (provide proof if possible)
    Not at the moment, I have been staff on several servers though.
    FaithfulHCF- Co-Owner, I resigned because I did not find the game fun anymore and due to it being a HCF server it was very toxic and being an Owner I was being doxed or DDOSED every day so for my safety I resigned.
    TacoHCF- Mod+- I was staff on a small HCF server that averaged about 100-150 players a day, the server sadly shut down a month and a half after I got staff.
    DareMC- Sr.Mod, I was Sr.Mod on a small factions and skyblock server, I resigned because the owner began to fade away from the game and he stopped giving the server updates.
    (I can try to get you proof, its on my old computer and im at my Dads right now)

    Do you know how to screenshare? Yes I do from being staff on HCF servers I have learned how to find a lot of ghost clients and auto clickers.

    Estimate the amount of time per week you would be able to dedicate to the server.
    i will be able to play 5+ hours a day, so around 35 hours a week

    What is your main reason/Why do you want to be staff on FactionsLab? I would like to be Staff on FactionsLab because it is an up and coming server and see so many things that i like about it and i would love to be apart of this serves journey. Also i would like to be a staff member because I always see people asking for help or spamming chat and no one is on to help them.


    Say you are moderating and answering questions by many players. You are getting messaged by three people asking you all different questions, while this is happening you are also being messaged in discord by two people telling you to get a moderator to ban a hacker. What do you do?
    First I would immediately notify a moderator about the hacker and let the players know that I have notified a Mod and the issue will be dealt with shortly, secondly If any of the three players had question that needed to be answered very quickly I would deal with them first or try to get them in discord. if there questions were about custom enchants or something in that area I would message them the answers for there questions.

    Say that two factions are fighting in public chat/discord and after repeated warnings and mutes they won’t stop, what would be your next action to resolve this issue? First I would mute chat then after 5-10mins I would unmute chat if they still kept arguing and ignoring my commands I would begin to hand out short temp bans to get my point across that they should listen instead of ignoring and disrespecting staff.

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