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    IGN Squidy

    Discord Name

    Age (14+) 18

    Timezone: EST

    Do you have the ability to record? Yes I have action

    Have you ever been punished/banned on any server? If so, please include the details.: No I have not be punished on this server

    Do you have any previous moderation/leadership roles on any other servers? (provide proof if possible)
    I have been staff on Horizon where I was a helper for three months and learned lots about working with other staff members and being in a pretty big community and dealing with tons of situations which help me develop and understand more about being a staff member.Also I have learned all the basic commands and pretty familiar with them.I was also staff on Oxpvp where I resigned as a mod learning a lot about more commands and dealing with a more toxic community as it was hard core factions. I have also been staff on mythcraft pvp which was a decently size server bigger than factionslab which helped me deal with pressure and a lot of people needing help at a time. Where I got up to a SR Mod there and resigned as the server is now dead.

    (If needed proof on any of these I can show just message me if you want it)

    Do you know how to screenshare? Yes I do from being staff on HCF servers I have taught my self how to screenshare and have gotten good at it. Very confident with my screen sharing abilities.

    Estimate the amount of time per week you would be able to dedicate to the server.
    I would be able to spend around 6 hours per day. I would be able to spend around 42-50 hours a week or more.

    What is your main reason/Why do you want to be staff on FactionsLab? I could contribute a decently experienced staff member as someone who is also understandable giving players a fair chance also determined to keep the server at the best state as I can do as a helper and making sure I am doing my job right and making things easier for higher staff member. Also always down to talk to the community and never afraid to socialize and get some people more active in the community. Also its a good community and I have been apart of it for a long time even through all the owner changes that have happened within the years.


    Say you are moderating and answering questions by many players. You are getting messaged by three people asking you all different questions, while this is happening you are also being messaged in discord by two people telling you to get a moderator to ban a hacker. What do you do?
    Well I would deal with the issues from more superior issues to less I would deal with the hacker first as that would be the main issue. After done dealing with the hacker I will message the players back answering their questions. Then I will move onto the discord messages and answer those.

    Say that two factions are fighting in public chat/discord and after repeated warnings and mutes they won’t stop, what would be your next action to resolve this issue? I would either start temp banning depending on how toxic they are being or message higher staff as I am only a helper and don't have as many perms as mod+ have. But I would deal with the situation and make sure the chat is clean so people don't have to deal with toxic factions going back and forth.

    Final Remarks

    Have you applied for staff before on FactionsLab. No I have not

    Anything else you would like us to know about you? I have graduated high school and have a lot of time to contribute to the server

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